Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Javi Posts

Because I can, today's post is in honor of my baby's 8th birthday.  Scrolling through past posts, I did the leg work for you and if you want to take a trip down memory lane, just start clicking on the links!

Two Babies - a look into the life of Javi and Zorro

Paco and Javi - days gone by.

Javi's birth announcement!  I read it to him each March 12th, including this morning.

Turning one!

Two years old!

Playing in the tree box!

Compassion Brother and new Bible.

I now know I lost the battle to his fingers.

I could do this all day but homework is calling me and today is a busy day, with it being a special someone's birthday! 

Enjoy this sweet video of Java singing a song he wrote:

I will close with saying this young man loves Jesus and while we are reading through the Gospels for Lent, his heart has hurt so many times over the way Jesus was treated.  He hates to cry in front of others but his heart is tender and he is full of compassion.  He is one of the blessings I count every day.

Friday, February 27, 2015


As an advocate at heart, I have to continually be aware that I need to be careful to not make "my issues" my family's issues by force.  That can be hard when I am passionate about something and am "fired up" on behalf of others. 

Last year, I did not say much to my family about the #enditmovement. This year, I read the blog post I wrote yesterday to them during our #LentChallenge and reflection time last night.  We talked about the different types of slavery and what are some things we can do to make a difference.  One way is supporting organizations who are working in high trafficking areas.  Compassion International has a "marker" so you can specify a child who lives in a high risk area and adopt one of them. This does make a difference and as advocates for Compassion, it is an area we think and pray about often. 

Another way we can make a difference is simply by raising awareness.  That is what we are doing today with #enditmovement.  We are raising awareness.

Slavery exists in  staggering numbers.  This is a BOOMING enterprise.  Slavery was abolished in 1652 and approximately 620,000 people died in the civil war; people fighting over states not being able to compromise their views on free and slave states.  Brother against brother; cousin against cousin, people died fighting for the right to be free and the right to keep slaves.  Freedom won and there are many who feel the battle is over and done with.

That is just not true.  Slavery exists in every single state of the United States of America.   60,100 people in America alone are enslaved. 

Speak up!  Speak out!  Slavery is wrong.  Tell others.

Me: "What is the red X for?"
Him: Slavery.  "27,000 people are slaves and it's wrong."
Me: "27 million, not thousands."
Him: "Same thing and it's wrong."

This one knows many facts about slavery today
and is smiling because he is making a difference.
Keenly aware, she wears her red X with confidence
knowing she is bringing awareness to the issue of
slavery today. 

My man is an advocate, too.  He has experienced
forced labor and works hard to make sure the people
he comes in contact with are paid fairly and treated well.

Doing what what I can this small corner of my world. 
My family is aware and that is more that I could say
a few years ago. 
All the way from Kansas, our 20 year old daughter
is shining the light on slavery.  She is preparing for
a trip to Cambodia to help people who work "in the trenches"
with victims of human trafficking.  Join us in praying for her
and her team? Thanks.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shining a Light

27,000,000 are trapped in slavery today. I don't know how to wrap my head around that number when it comes to people... think 27 million people could fill every professional football stadium 12X.  Or the entire population of the state of Texas.  27 million of anything is a lot.  And we are talking about human lives.  Men, women, and children. 

There are three main types of slavery today, and they are all wrong:

Bonded labor is one of the most common forms of slavery in the world today. Bonded labor victims are often born into slavery, forced to repay a loan, sometimes from generations before. Indebted, often through deception and a system stacked against them.

Forced labor is any work or service someone is forced to do, against their will, under the threat of punishment, with little to no pay. This is most frequently found in labor-intensive, under-regulated industries, such as agriculture, fishing, domestic work, construction, mining, quarrying and manufacturing.

Human trafficking is when someone is taken away from their home, family, or community and transported to another city or country, many times under a false promise of employment or a better life. Victims are stripped of their identity, then forced to work against their will, with no hope or way to return home.

All of the statistics, and there are many, are staggering.  It's overwhelming for me to comprehend the magnitude of this $150.2 billion dollar organized crime industry.

What can I do?  I am just one person with minimal excess income to give and my few dollars and not going to make a difference by themselves. 

This is where team work comes in.  Quakers have long been known for their stance against slavery and they stood for abolition at a significant personal price. 

What are Quakers known for today?  Are we doing anything TOGETHER to make a difference in the lives of others? 

Isn't it time that we team up, all of us who have Friends/Quaker in our name; regardless if we are liberal, evangelical, Hicksite, or Gurneyite; and in beautiful Quaker tradition join hands and shine a light on injustice?

I would love to see an uprising in our meetings across the world.  Until then, I have a team I am putting together at #enditmovement and you are welcome to join my little family and me.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Dollar Store & Gratefulness

After I pick up the kids from school today, we will head to the dollar store...

They seemed pretty excited about this #RAK so we will see how it goes. 

Our daily Bible reading is going well and I can see the benefit of not reading so many chapters in order to really think about what we have just read.  After we read the chapters, we all say something that struck us new, jumped out at us, or meant something to us.  This has become a wonderfully meaningful time. 

The other day we took ten minutes to write down as many things as we could that were grateful for.  Here is a sampling from each list:


While we smiled at some on the youngest one's list, I love that he is grateful for his body and strong arms.  As well as no creepers or overgrown spiders!  I love how the 10 year old could not decide if he was grateful for piano, meaning lessons, but he wants to be so that means something.  Anyway, the rest are just snapshots of long lists that I randomly selected and cropped.  It was a neat exercise and ended up how we spent our family time on Saturday night. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Show Appreciation

Today's #RAK is: 
What a wonderful reminder on this Friday morning.  

We enjoyed visiting with people who fall into the lonely category and yesterday was fun watching my family getting others to smile.  



Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19 #RAK


I wish I had more time this morning but after my #Pray703 time I began my math homework and let's just say that I like our base 10 system and have no idea why I need to know how to convert to other based.  Also, while learning about Mayan history is fantastic and enjoyable, I haven't used their symbols for counting yet in life but perhaps I just haven't been in the right place.  

That being said, I am working my brain on math homework and while I would rather write a new post, I'll be a good student and focus on my math today.  Pray for me? Thank you!